Rub Ribs and BBQ

Rub Ribs and BBQThey say that location is everything. But once in a while, along comes a restaurant tucked in a deep corner that is still capable of getting one's attention.

The surrounding areas may look simple, being a residential neighborhood; the building may be nondescript; but the food and their prices are well worth the trip.


If you are coming from Makati, you need to turn right at Shaw Boulevard. Once on the boulevard, head towards the direction of Pasig or C-5.

Dining AreaAs you travel through Shaw Boulevard, you will come across the Kapitolyo Rotunda. Landmarks around the rotunda will be a Petron gasoline station on your right and the Ynares Sports Arena on the left.

The Barrio Kapitolyo entrance will be on your right, between Petron gasoline station and BPI Bank. Once you turn right here, you will find yourself on West Capitol Drive.

Go straight past the first intersection, which is right after the guard house. On the second intersection, you will need to turn left to put you on East Capitol Drive.

Slowly drive down the hill that curves to the right and you will see 88 East Capitol Drive Kapitolyo on the right side.

Don't drive too fast though. You might miss it because the front is very small and the building doesn't stick out too much.


Parking AreaThere is enough parking to fit three vehicles in front of the restaurant. Sometimes people will fit in four vehicles, but it will be a tight fit, especially with the delivery motorcycles needing to get in and out.

I suggest coming in between thirty and forty-five minutes before lunch and dinner in order to get a space in front of the restaurant.

If you run out, the guard on duty will normally recommend street parking under the tall tree across the road. If the street isn't filled up yet, try choosing a spot a little to the left or right of the tree as tricycles normally wait in the shade for passengers.

You can tip anywhere between ten to fifteen Pesos, but if you're happy with the guard, a twenty Peso paper bill or higher would be more appreciated.


Dining AreaCompared to the simple exterior, the interior has a bit more going for it. With a white ceiling dotted by gray overhanging sections and lights, the design helps to make the interior look bigger than it is.

Speaking about the interior, it isn't very big. However, the one does have some privacy as the cushioned seats are pushed towards the left and right walls of the dining area.

On the left side, the tables are placed in cubicles to provide some privacy. While on the right side, the tables are more open to handle bigger groups of people.

Menus are provided but the day's special is written on a chalkboard above the counter on the far right corner of the room.


Since this place advertises itself as a rib joint, then that was the first thing on our list. For PhP 350, we ordered a Super Duo which was an order of Ribs that is enough for two. It comes with two side dishes that we could select from.

RibsOne of the choices was the Garlic Spinach, which was surprisingly very good.

Sure, maybe Popeye is the only one who like to eat Spinach because it gives hims strength to battle Brutus. But in here, even the most cynical Spinach eaters may change their mind.

Another side dish to try is the Mashed Potato.

Yes, I know that you can get Mashed Potatoes in practically any restaurant in Metro Manila, but how many of them served, what tasted like, real Mashed Potatoes?

PastaMost of what you will encounter are the powdered variety that just need water to gain volume.  And while I am not a cook myself, I and those around me, feel like this is something better than the run-of-the-mill side dish.

Now if you'll be bringing your entire family, it may be more cost effective to order the Family Brunch. At PhP 650, the ribs are good enough for four people. Three side dishes accompany the order.

Incidentally, rice is supposed to be an optional side dish, but I suggest just ordering it separately so you get the most out your meal.

And if you prefer paying with a credit card, all the major ones are accepted here. That way, you'll never have to worry about washing dishes when you realize that your family and friends suddenly have worked up an appetite after that first bite of ribs.

Final Thoughts

Dining TablePeople say that you can judge a book by its cover. However, if you did that with Rub Ribs & BBQ based on the way the front looks, you'd be missing out on a very good story.

Not only are the servings of a good size, the prices are not too high. And as far as the taste goes, well, some people I know have made it part of their routine to bring a their Rib-lovin' friends over for dinner every now and then.

Till next time, keep your cameras ready, your eyes peeled, and your minds open. You never know where your next adventure will take you!

Must Dos

  • Try out the Garlic Spinach as a side dish.
  • Add a side dish of Mashed Potatoes too.

Contact Information  
Name Rub Ribs & BBQ
Address 88 East Capitol Drive Kapitolyo, Pasig City, Metro Manila
Telephone Number +63 (2)  624-6850

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